ND-2500A Cannot read/burn any media?



I got the ND-2500A dvd burner 1 week ago. Burned cd’s fine, never touched firmware. Then I burned 1 dvd and afterwards it refused to read that dvd. Later on, i found out it refused to read any kind of media. All I hear from my burner is a spinning noise. Could the laser be busted? The last dvd that i burned was on a verbatum at 8x and it works fine on other comps but my burner got damaged somehow. I tried booting of a winxp cd and that failed as well, all i get from comp is “No media inserted”. The comp recoginized the dvd burner after many attempts of uninstalling it and reinstalling the device thru the device manager. If anyone has any advice on how to fix it or if u share similar problems, please tell me. Thanks in advance


Send the drive back for a replacement if you’ve not already done so…it’s a duffer…

Although I should perhaps advise you to make sure the drive is connected to your motherboard with a proper ATA-100\133 cable, and that it is set as a Master drive, not on Cable Select or Secondary. If you still have problems after this send it back…