ND-2500A and Backup MyPC

Was all set to go with the Plextor DVD burner and then i couldn’t resist the price on the NEC drive.
What i forgot to do first was check drive compatibility with the backup software i had planned to use.
I see at Stomps website that the ND-2500 isn’t listed. Does anyone know if maybe that list just hasn’t been updated and if the ND-2500 drive does work with Backup MyPC?
I just ordered the drive through Newegg and i can still cancel it and grab the Plextor.
Any input would be appreciated.

I didn’t actually try the backup, but using the wizard it sees my 2500a just fine. This is with version 4.85.


Be sure to update the PxEngine to the latest version: http://patches.sonic.com/downloads/engine/pxEngine507.exe

Herrie i take it that is a yes and it works with the most latest version 5. With the pxengine update you posted?
Are you also recommending a firmware update as well or will the 1.06 that i believe it comes with do the trick?
I also noticed the link you posted is to Sonic’s site. I know that Backup MyPC was being bundled with Sonic’s RecordNow Deluxe Suite, but see they are offering Simple backup instead.
Maybe im not clear on the relationship between Sonic and Stomp. Why would the pxengine update be posted to Sonic’s site and not Stomp’s?
OK i really should pay more attention and read about the latest and greatest drives. I was reading through this forum and saw the thread about the ND-2510A drive, and its only $15 more. I guess i have to ask the question again will the 2510A drive work with Backup MyPC?