ND-2500, playing original DVD



I bought a ND-2500 a while back, and updated the bios to a bios modified from 1.7 IIRC. I have nforce4 and use nvidia ide drivers (I think it possibly could be this).

Problem is chapter one of “The Usual Suspects” wont even play on my PC. It plays in a DVD/TV combo. Its pal european if that matters.

What is my problem, anyone? Thx for help in advance!

Attached is a dump from nero infotool.


And is your SYSTEM regioncode free or just your drive?


I have not set out to make it region free so I assume my system is not region free. Is that the problem? :confused:

Also I have tried using drivercleaner (www.driverheaven.net) to fully clean my mobo drivers and reinstalled without Nvidia SW IDE driver, same problem.


I dont believe my drive is region free (I could be wrong) but I noticed the number of changes for region is down to 1 from 5 (not changed region but was asked what region to use a couple of times trying to use powerdvd and winDVD4).



AFAIK, there is a hardware region protection which can be removed by a firmware update.

But there is also a region protection in the software - at least the region changes are counted by the software. To solve this issue, there is a software tool necessary, for example Any DVD.

When you want to know if your drive is RPC 1 (regionfree), check it via Nero InfoTool.


Yup, that’s why I asked. Software running in the background can FAKE the current RPc info you get with Infotool and other tools.

To defeat the software protection I would recommend either Regionkiller, DVDGenie, DVD43 or AnyDVD (this one is not free).


It is region free as u said, both nero tool and region genie confirm this, using region genie I couldnt get it to play correctly, same thing. I think my next question would probably be suited in this forum though:

Thx for help :smiley: