Nd 2500 install questions


Just got the Nec nd 2500.DVD burner. I am kind of a newbie when it comes to installations. Since this was a oem I bought, is there anywhere I can find any documentation on this? I looked on the NEC wbsite but couldnt find it. Im trying to figure out a couple things. Keep in mind Im adding this to a computer that already has a cd-rw drive already.
1- Will I need a separate power cable or will it run off the power line of the cd-rw?

2-Should I make this the slave or master or does it matter? My Dell says it ueses the cable select seting.

3- Which is the setting for the “cable select” setting on the jumpers left, center or right?

4- Is there any drivers I will need with XP or is it built in the firmware.?

4- Im planning on using this with roxio since Ive had nothing with problems with Nero. Will this be ok?

Thanks much Bob P., Hilton, NY

Check this link for help on fitting your drive and check this for info on the firmware.

I’m not sure about roxio…

Hope this helps,


I got my NEC 2500 yesterday. I am sort of a newbie also. I had installed memory before but never a cd or dvd burner.

I took the front and side cover off my cpu and unplugged the old cdr burner and plugged in the NEC 2500 dvd burner and it works great.

No problems whatsever.

When I turned my computer back on, it recognized it and it works great.


I WOULD have a NEC 2500a, if SVP hadn’t of screwed up, should have it next week…:iagree:

With a Dell, there’s usually excellent model-specific advice on adding drives in the documentation for your machine available from http://support.dell.com - most Dell cases come apart fairly easily, though one or two have a few tricks up their sleeves, and some of the higher end machines mount drives on rails (my Precision 650 came from the factory with rails already fitted to all the unused bays - though if you’re short of rails for a bay in a case that uses rails, you’ll need to contact Dell).

Hopefully you’ve got some suitable screws to mount the drive - there might be some in the rails if you have a rail based case, but usually you have to supply your own. (My Precision 650 had screws in the rails in the spare hard disk bay, which appear to be some kind of semi-captive type, but not in the spare 5.25 inch bay).

There’s probably sufficient power cables in the machine - Dell have a habit of providing one power connector per drive bay. Just pull the little black blanking plug off the spare connector that fits the bay where you’ve installed the drive most closely.

I’d use Cable Select - the IDE cables that Dell use are fine with Cable Select. For information on where to set the jumper, look at the label on the top of the drive - it shows you which position is which. Choose the CS position if it’s not explicitly written out as Cable Select.

No need for drivers in Windows XP - they’re built in.

Roxio - it depends which version. If you’re talking about the OEM copy of Easy CD Creator 5 Basic, like the one that Dell supplied with my machine, I couldn’t get it to work properly with the ND-2500A in DVD mode, even after applying all the updates I could find (initially it wouldn’t recognise that the drive was capable of DVD operation - after updating it recognised the drive was capable of writing DVDs but it didn’t want to allow me to finalise a DVD!).

The worst you can do is find it not work and that you need different software. I uninstalled Easy CD Creator 5 Basic and bought Nero 6 - I was considering doing that anyway. If it comes down to it, you can uninstall your Roxio software and install Nero 6 as a trial without paying until your trial period runs out.