ND-2100ad/2510 firmware?

I have a couple (3) ND-2100 drives (that were bought as hp DVD4001’s) that have been giving me trouble from the start. We got them through a corp vendor that was being bought out at the time and I waited several months before installing them. I ended up with drives that apparently were intended as OEM ad-ons to HP workstations. The bundled software, Roxio Easy CD/DVD 6 and WinDVD Creator 2, won’t load on our Dells giving an error message that they are intended for a “HP solution”. The drives are not recognized by Win2k and seem to cause BSOD’s in WinXP when you try to create a folder on a disk that has been previoiusly written to.
We can’t return them and can’t get any support either. I can’t find any firmware through HP or NEC and since I can replace them for about less than $50 I am ready to toss them. [B]I stumbled onto this site in my quest for firmware and seem to be reading that I can use the nd-2510 firmware for this drive. Is this true?

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Not sure what to make of Chef’s cryptic reply. Don’t know what a sticky is in relation to this site but if it is all of the “Read First” entries at the beginning of the forms I did browse through those and that, along with searching for nd-2100 is what prompted my post.
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Yes you can. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=120934#crossflashing-crossflash3

Firmware for 2510.



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Ok guys thanks for the help. Good news is I have been able to update the firmware to make the drive a 2510! The bad news is that it still Blue Screens when you re-name a folder on the dvd +R. I have tried it on two identical machines, both Dell GX200’s with the same burner and they do the same thing. After the computer re-starts it sends a message to microsoft saying that is was a bad driver that caused the crash.
From what I have learned from this site, most DVD burners use the same Microsoft built-in drivers. That leaves me scratching my head as to what could be wrong.

What should that give? You cannot EDIT anything on a burned DVD+R, it’s WORM MEDIA. Write Once Read Many!

You are using Packet-Writing software then and these are very well known as big troublemakers!

Right, but I have been able to run similar operations in the past. I assumed it was deleting one version of the file (from the disk index) and adding a new one with the change. Am crazy?
Anyway, you are right in that I have tried several machines since yesterday and they all blue screen when I try to create and then re-name a folder.
I will tell the user to create the folders outside the disk and drag them in already named.

If you’re using packet writing software like Roxio’s DirectCD or Nero’s InCD, then you’ll need more than good luck to get them working ok.

They are very buggy and prone to data loss. You should burn the good old fashion way of writing once to DVD+/-R (DL) or erasing & writing to DVD+/-RW media.

These drives are being used by a video production department (they make commercials) to sneakernet small (few meg) files from thier workstations to the Avid video edit servers and back. Ocassionally they write a whole project (several Gig) to a DVD for archive. We just got them external H/D’s to use for sneakernet but still need to add usb to the older Avid server.
Anyway, trying to explain to “Creative” people the ridged do’s and dont’s of the tools they use always ends up with blank stares. I take full responsibility for failing to bridge the gap between creative and technical minds. :wink:
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When using Multisession mode you are virtually able to update the content on a media unless it’s not fixated.