ND-1300a or Cendyne w/ ND-1300a? + Questions--->

Alright People, I am New and have been reading old posts for days now. I found, like everyone else, the Cendyne External +/- burner at Costco.com. I read that this has the NEC ND-1300a drive in it.

For $302 shipped to my door that seems like a great deal. However, I have a 3-4 year old Sony Vaio with firewire on front and back and USB 1 and worried if anyhting is going to go wrong.

Also, I can get the NEC ND-1300a bare OEM drive on ebay for $200 and then install it in my a Firewire/2.0 case. This would total to about $250-$275 with shipping. Still seems like the Cendyne is the way to go, everything done.

Whats the software like with the Cendyne? I basically want to backup my DVD movie and take them to college with me and play in my Xbox.


Couldn’t tell you what’s included in the CenDyne,but from what you said you wanted to do with your movies,software
such as DVD2ONe or DVD shrink (discussed elsewhere in this forum) and your favorite burning application (Nero,RecordNow,et al) should be the shiznit for making backups…