ND-1300A Not Reading ANY discs

Hey all, today I purchased a ND-1300A drive in a Cendyne box (yeah I know they are out of business now, got it for a really good price). Anyway the drive won’t read anything i put in there including DVDs. The drive is being detected by both my system bios and windows XP correctly. It is setup as master on the secondary ide. I even flashed the drive to the latest firmware successfully (1.08) without any results. Is this drive dead?

Here are my specs:
P4 2.4
1 gig ram
120 gig WD hd
asus P4P800 motherboard
windows xp sp1

I also tried disabling builtin imapi service within windows, that didn’t help either. Nero is also seeing and identifying the drive correctly. What could be causing this issue besides the drive maybe being dead?

Thanks all-