ND-1300A firmware flash disaster

Hi All,

I downloaded the NECFLASH for Linux and proceed to flash my ND-1300A without Root user permission. The result is I now have a inaccessible drive. The OS couldn’t detect the drive but the MB BIOS still report a ND-1300A detected. I can only open the drive door at system start up.

I am thinking of using NecFlash for DOS and the firmware 1.0B downloaded from NEC website. Will this work? I can’t do it in Linux or WIndows since none of these OS will recognise the drive anymore.

Please help. Thanks

Yeah, boot into DOS and flash there.

Nope. Nothing works. Not NECFLASH, since I can’t even load the driver.

I try the NEC1100A flash from the dangerous guy, nothing happen, it didn’t even say drive not detected or something. I created the DOS bootdisk just like what he described in the instruction.

I think that TDB’s DOS flashers may have expired. Email them and ask if you’d like…