ND-1300A error while burning DVD-r

ok look i have a ND-1300A cd/dvd drive and when ever i try to burn DVD-R it says unable to write meduim, disc uncompattible. so i was reading it could be a firmware or w.e. i updated like 3 times well 3 diff ones.

so now i read it could be the disc, so i paid 25 dollars for 50 Sony DVD-R (they didnt work At all) then yesterday i went out and bout some TDK DVD-R and same error,I also went out and bought some Maxwell DVD-R and same error. but i read that those disc work wit firmware 1.09 and it didnt work, im just wasting money on this i tried changing speed i tried pretty much everything that can be done (that i know of)

if anyone knows how fustrated i am right now please help me, there has to be something im doing wrong right here.

What’s the rated speed of the media? What burn speed are you using (you should try 4x with any 8x-16x media)? I’m guessing it’s 16x media, you’ll need to update to the latest firmware for much of a chance of success on a 4x burner with 16x media, your problems are likely caused by the firmware not having any support for the media you are using. The latest firmware is 1.0C, use that. I would also suggest Verbatim in the future, those are generally the best 16x discs overall for both burn quality as well as ability to burn decently at slower speeds, as alot of high speed media does not burn very well at slow speeds. Or buy 8x media, 8x media should perform well at 4x in your burner, the 1300 is actually a very good burner but you need to use media suited to it. The other possibility is your burner is dying, although I’m guessing it’s just a media support issue in the firmware. As I said, only use 4x with 8x and 16x media with your burner, otherwise get a new burner. Download Herrie’s modified 1.0C - http://herrie.org/

well i downloaded the firmware and no sucess yet. is there any other advise you can think of?

I don’t think the 1300 was made to use -r disks, just +r, if I remember right.
Guess I couldnt remember that far back, the 1300 did use both -r and +r disks. My error.

also sorry for double post but when ever i try to change the speed the highest it lets me burn at is 2X is there any burning programs that let me burn at 4

If it’s only allowing 2x, then the firmware does not support the media you are trying to use, although according to the release notes for Herrie’s 1.0C it uses MCC002 at 4x for unsupported media, so I would think that you would be able to burn at 4x even with your media. Did you use 1.0C from the link I gave you? Buy some 8x media or buy a new burner would be my next suggestion. What burning program are you using? ImgBurn is a great free program, CD Burner XP Rro has worked fine for me the times I’ve used it and is free as well, although adjusting its settings such as finalizing discs, etc. are confusing to figure out at first.

First make sure the drive is in UDMA2 mode.
Then search for the latest firmware, 1.0C maybe isn’t the latest.
16x rated dvd media with an 4x dvd burner is a bad combination, even 8x rated dvd media is a better choice and even 4x rated are still available online…

1.0C modded: http://www.herrie.org/firmwares/nec1300.html