ND-1300A Can read PS2 dics or not?

I have recently read the review of the Plextor px-504A drive and in that review it states that one of the bad things about this drive is it won’t read playstation discs at all. It goes on to say that this drive is built of the NED model 1100 i believe. I was thinking about getting the ND-1300A and just wanted to know if anyone else has this drive and succesfully backed up their playstation and/or playstation 2 games. Thanks.

Well, I can tell you the ND-1100A reads PS2 disc. Don’t know if the copy will play though as I don’t plan on chipping my PS2.

yes both the 1100A and 1300A will read PS2, and both will burn backups that play on PS2. however you will need a modchip to allow it to play them.

ive backed up several now, so the kid plays the backups and not the originals.

Ok thanks for the info guys

I read this but it was refering to PS1 games,or more specific Lybcrypt protection