Nd-1100a to nd-1300

Please help me everyone.

I have about 300 dvd-r disks that I need to use. I was told I can flash my nd-1100a to a nd-1300.

i have tried w/ necflash-wingui.exe , but it give me an error saying *problem sending firmware to drive" then “error while flashing drive”.

Also which firmware should i be upgrading to I have:

1_0a 1
1_08b 1

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you using an external enclosure or a non Microsoft IDE driver?
Problem sending firmware to drive means that some component didn’t accept the necessary command for sending a firmware to your drive.

nvm. the partial flash seems to have killed my drive. windows no longer recognizes i and the led always is on.

I tried formatting in dos and it gives me just the credits from nec1x00a.exe

I’m gonna chalk this one up as a loss and buy a real drive.