ND-1100a deal, or

I have a dillema here :slight_smile:

I’ve been researching DVD burners for quiet a while now, and now I have around $300 to spend on the drive.

I can most likely get Sony DRU-500AX for around $270
Cyndyne 4x dvd-r for around $125 (hopefully)

But I’m trying to convince my self that I should just get DVD+R/RW drive, and that media will get cheaper and dvd-r will die out :slight_smile:

Nec (and clones) ND-1100 supposedly one of the better and cheaper dvd+r drives out there. Cheapest I could find it in US though is $220 on pricewatch, which is only $50 away from the Sony drive, which doesn’t seem like that good of a deal (considering the -r/rw is available for almost $100 cheaper)

So are there any good deals on Nec 1100 or clones? Or should I just pay for cheap -r drive, or 2x more for the Sony drive?


I think the DVD+R/RW format is going to win out. But even if I’m correct, when? Some consumer players do not “officially,” or in any way support the DVD+R/RW format. If you don’t have a consumer player, you can make sure that the format you want is supported before you purchase. The price for DVD-R media, or at least the bulk ones that I presently use are much less costly than the DVD+R. I use DVD-R media for write once applications and DVD+RW for backups and packet writing, (drive letter access), disc for their formatting speed advantage. I guess the choice of drive depends on your intended use. My answer may just be more dilemma, rather than help.

i ordered nec for $212 shipped (although u can get one for $205 now) :))

can’t wait till i tcomes.