ND-1100A Bitsetting


I’m new. I’ve used this forum to gather advice before purchasing new drives. I appreciate all who contribute.

I’ve searched and have not found a specific answer to my question. What I would like to know is this. Is there a Bitsetting Utility that can be used on a NEC ND-1100A Drive? Can I update the firmware? Any instruction pages or informational pages would be appreciated.

I know this is an older drive and the question may be outdated, but this drive belongs to my aunt and she has just recently started using her burner to burn DVD’s.

The drive is located in a Dell Machine, if that matters at all.

With the 1100 bitsetting is not needed because by default al the dvd+r discs are burned as dvd-rom. :wink:

Thanks so much for this info. This is exactly what I needed to know.