NC3000 IR unlocking/jailbreaking/etc

Recently in my country I signed for digital cable and received a NC3000 IR box, my question is, is there a way to unlock/jailbreak/hack these digital receiver to show all the channels ???

If you are sure your cable service carries extra free-to-air channels, it’s worth calling your service provider to see if they can provide you steps to tune them in. Some receivers have a tuning menu for manually adding channels that are not automatically tuned. Otherwise you would probably be better off getting a 3rd party digital cable receiver to pick up these exra free-to-air channels. Note that a 3rd party receiver will need a CI slot and CAM that matches the encryption system your provider uses if you would like to use your viewing card with it.

Please note that we cannot discuss about picking up additional Pay-TV channels that would require paying a premium to get.