NC ND3550A just stopped working

Hi, sorry for such a beginners issue, I’m very much a noob here…

I have an NC nd3550a installed on my windows98 system, and it was working fine for a couple of months.
Now it won’t recognise any discs put in the drive (big problem, as this was my only working drive).

I thought I would try and download drivers, but apparently the closest thing you can do is ‘flash’ the firmware. Not sure what that means.

I’m waay out of my depth here, and don’t know how to do any diagnostics to see what’s wrong with the thing.

Any advice?

Flashing it with another firmware cannot solve such a problem.

Test the drive in another computer first.

Sounds like drive died. does it read DVD or CD or none. uses different lasers

I tried 3 different media types - data, dvd, and music cd, none of which were recognised.
I have been installing and uninstalling a lot of video software this last week, could that be the problem?

As a novice, I’m not confident about doing something as simple as opening the case and removing the drive, so I’m hoping someone can suggest a quick diagnostic check before I do so.

Where is you sense of adventure. Taking apart a computer is fun. Where else can you bend, break off so many tiny pins, unhook wires and have no idea where they came from. Crack boards and chips, and have left over screws when you close it back up.

Does your computer see the drive, either in “My Computer” or in control panel / system / device manager

playing with so much software worries me a little :eek:

:clap: :bigsmile: haha, yep, nothing better than having installed a new writer and not even be able to get to the ‘windows logo’ at startup lol :stuck_out_tongue: But, you learn as you go along, at least thats what i have done so far. btw, scuse for the o.t, sorry i cant be of much help here.

Hahahahaha it’s so very true.

dave_ward when you first start your computer carefully watch the black Bios Boot screen and see if your NEC is listed! I should be listed after your HD. IF not check the cables on the back of your NEC.

I called tech support, who said, sorry, it shouldn’t work on Windows 98, we can’t offer you any advice.
The only help he was able to give was, install 2000 or XP.
“But my only disc drive isn’t working”, was my reply…

So I did the only other thing I know how to – got the compressed air out and gave it a blast.
It now works intermittently.

I also deleted a line from autoexecbat that was some kind of mpeg pointer left over from Ulead.

But tech support were stunned that the thing even worked at all on 98.

I think only Win98 SE and above are compatible OS,s for DVD?

Windows 98 can burn dvd’s, I’ve done 30 or so in the last month.
Storage is obviously a problem, as it can’t handle an iso bigger than 1 meg, but I used dvd shrink to get round that problem, as it breaks the disc down into smaller chunks.

I had to upgrade my memory and storage to do so, and for a while it worked fine, but, yes, it has started to glitch now….

Only with 3rd party software.