NBR sucks 'BIG - TIME'



I’ve been ripped off for the last time by NBR. I’ve consistently placed orders and was promised numerous times my orders were sent. However I have never received anything.

I’m switching to ‘Warez Mafia’ to give them a try. If you are smart, do NOT buy from NBR.


sounds fishy to me,you kept on ordering even still you didnt get the wares,sounds like a stupid thing to do if you ask me…this smells like a fake message to me…NBR wants me to assure you that no such thing as happened,but the hole in NBR’s back is so big now that the knife just falls threw,if you no what i mean…all NBR’s customers no the truth about the service they give…


Strange indeed … Only problems I’ve had with NBR is I can’t aways get through to them but as far as service … they have been great.


Ive ordered one time at NBR and I ordered Blade4 SILVER and after 2month Ive got Blade4 GOLD! Thats SHIT! Dont order CDs at NBR buy your CDs at FBI-CD they are very fast and good!!!


BIg Daddy


like i said befor…you cant please everyone no matter how much you try…you can only do your best with what you have to work with… :b