Nbr bytes



who is nbr-bytes are the fast and good ??


They promise everything but after the Akira 6 disaster they told everybody to change orders, but they kept the money and send nothing instead. DO NOT ORDER at NBR !!!


one bad experience with a dealer shouldnt turn you off from buying from a dealer as good as NBR…at that time every dealer worth any salt had problems…


NBR used to be a good dealer but the last time they fuck up the whole scene, these italian dude is no quite reliable, altough MR Afbeil would say that this is not true, in the opinion ofn (fellow) dealers and customers they are attending to fuck up the whole shit at this moment.


thanks scarface for the MR.
all i can say is NBR gives me fast reliable service,and thats what its all about


for the next mont (tl45) nbr had ordert some tl from me …so we see how things work…

i think it goes wel