Nbr-bytes is #1 in the wares business



now im in the usa and they mailed my akira on the 9/17/99 and i got it 9/22/99 not bad right...and it was in good shape to...thats what i call service...keep up the good work nbr...your # 1 in my book...


Also in the usa. NBR was 3 weeks to the day with my order. All this right in the middle of the TL bust. Air mailed to me and arrived in perfect shape. Will continue to buy from them and reccomend them highly.


where are you in the states,oldman???


afbeil, you are from the nbr-crew!!!


Southern California and oldmans more than a handle, it’s descriptive.


nope just a satisfied customer…after dealing with the x-files crew and some others out there its great to find a group that gives good servce…


afbeil is from NBR-Bytes, so



Yo man,

I start to wonder why all those “big” dealers advertise so much and pretend to be someone else who’s posting flowers and love bells (good news) about their delivery etc… If your any good (quality etc…) you don’t need to advertise. The people will eventually come to you by mouth to mouth advertising
So stop making this pittyfull adds.

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