NBC, CBS launch pay to timeshift plan with Comcast DirecTV

I just posted the article NBC, CBS launch pay to timeshift plan with Comcast DirecTV.

Looks like the networks in the US are wanting to see if people will pay them for repeats like they are paying Apple over at iTunes. Only this time, it is hard to figure exacltly what…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11099-NBC-CBS-launch-pay-to-timeshift-plan-with-Comcast-DirecTV.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11099-NBC-CBS-launch-pay-to-timeshift-plan-with-Comcast-DirecTV.html)

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Well, the marketplace will decide. People certainly won’t pay for functions they already have for free. A fully DRM-controlled marketplace is certainly what they want, but it’s many years away. Don’t trash those “old” recorders and DVR’s folks, they may become pretty handy!

If itunes can sell crap at a buck a copy and hawk TV shows to a dumbed down audience why not charge the morons for comercial-riden garbage. “There’s a sucker born every minute”!

I’m kinda scared that grimes is right. If you think about it, nearly everyone receives TV from either a dish or a cable now. If the networks say look, why in the heck don’t we start charging for time shifting, and by the way we will give you providers a cut of the action, what’s gonna stop them? They already have Comcast and DirecTV in their pocket. All we could record after such a deal would be OTA broadcasts! This could very well spell trouble and defeat the spirit of the Betamax decision to allow timeshifting. By charging for the “service” and then applying a strict 24 hour time limitiation, it turns it on it’s head. We must hope that no one is foolish enough to purchase these recorders they must wither and die on the vine. Let’s keep an eye on the marketing campaign and see how they try to pull this one off, it appears the players will be out 1st quarter of 2006.
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I recall Circuit City trying to peddle a divx dvd discs - where you buy the dvd, store it, and then pay them every time you want to watch it. That idea lasted a short time, but it was longer than it deserved. At least those were fairly current dvd movie releases. But television reruns? Most of this stuff isn’t worth watching the first time! Speak with your money. Send this dumb idea circling the drain. If you buy into this, more ways to pick your pockets will be on the horizon.