NBA Playoffs

Who is watching the NBA Playoffs? And what team are you going for?

I am going for the Dallas Mavericks. Tonight they have to win or go home for the summer.

Go Mavs!!

Chicago Bulls! Only team I know of :bigsmile:


That was good game last night.

tonight should be even better. Now I am going for the spurs too now that the mavs are out :sad:.

i don’t even watch that crap anymore

Me too. :o

:frowning: dang spurs!
Last chance on thursday.

Spurs, but if they don’t stop being lazy tonight, I’ll have to wait. They had 10 chances easily to get up 12 points, but did not finish off shots, didn’t stay aggressive with rebounds, and didn’t seem in sync. :eek:

uh, the obvious winner is the Atlanta Hawks…


For game 7 i’ll go with piston…i bet they gonna get the crown for nba 2005 title! :iagree:

Go Suns! :stuck_out_tongue: ( bastidge Spurs killed us off! )

For me it is to hard to call the winner but Im sure you would be able to tell by the end of the first quarter who has the most passion. If Spurs were to when they are going to have to containg Ben Wallace

Suns are good but they are to much like the Mave in the last few years. Need to get a Bigman. Mavericks are just now making defensive plays. They should be good for the next several years to come. Depending on the up coming offseason and negotiation. Right now they have a good core and young talent to fallow up in the next few years.

My prediction for 2006 season is that the west champions will come from :bow: Dallas:bow: or Pheonix.

San Antonio won. This makes the 3rd championship in 7 years.

Nice prediction! :slight_smile:
The Phoenix team is damn solid! We just need to work on the D.

(sorry to see your boys got spanked) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all good. Ill wait for next year.:wink: