NBA 2K3 safedisc 2.8 question

could someone explain this to me, the 4th procedure. this from the guide of philamber using alcohol to backup safedisc 2.


  1. After starting the program and inserting the cd to be copied into your chosen reader (note: for the time being, use your writer as the reader; owing to a minor bug in the trial program safedisc reading speed is appalling with my Ltd-163 but is quite acceptable with my Ltr-24102b; the programmer is aware of the problem and is working on fixing it), click on Copy Wizard.

  2. At the next screen select your reader and reading speed and select Safedisc 2 as the Datatype to set the appropriate reading method. Then click next.

  3. At the next screen, you will be asked to specify an image name and a destination directory. The defaults already selected are OK so just click next.

  4. At the next screen, select your recorder, make sure Bypass EFM Errors is unchecked (otherwise, correct write settings for safedisc 2 will already have been set by the program), and then click Start .

What does he mean of turning off bypass efm error? Does this mean that i have to turn off the default (checked) in the profile of safedisc 2 if i have a 2 sheep burner? I have a TDK 4800B burner and i think its a 2 sheep coz i passed the SD251.bat test.

why is that nobody wants to reply on this?

AFAIK, no TDK writer is a 2 sheep efm burner. However, if it is, make sure Bypass efm error is not checked.

If it is a 1 or 0 sheep efm burner, make sure that it is checked and hope for the best (as there are no guarantees with 1 and 0 sheep writers.)

thanks for the reply philamber! it is clear to me now. I hope my drive is a 2 sheep coz it’s just a rebagged lite-on ltr-48246s

If it’s a re-badged 48x Litey, it’s a 2 sheep writer. :smiley: