Navigation Kills Sound


I’ve been searching for information on this topic for months now but can never find anything relating to it :sad:

A number of full DVDs that I’ve burned seem to suffer from this: If you use any navigation buttons (jump forwards/backwards a chapter or even just rewind/fast forward a little) the sound disappears! Ejecting then reloading will bring the movie back on at the point youe were at with the sound restored and otherwise the DVDs ‘work’ fine.

Anyone know what causes this problem or, better still, how to remedy it? :clap:


I guess nobody knows then, huh? (Maybe it’s just me that gets this problem?)

You gave no info to go by,…no info = no help :rolleyes:

[QUOTE=StormJumper;2030504]You gave no info to go by,…no info = no help :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

I’m afraid there was no “info” to give :disagree:

The discs were mainly DVD files simply burned to disc using Nero Express but I never kept track of any specific details at the time they were burned, I just know that it’s a problem that has reared its ugly head on a number of occasions. :frowning:

As I say, I can find no other references to similar problems anywhere on the web (after extensive searches) so I’m starting to wonder if it may just be peculiar to my particular brand of DVR (ONN Digital DS8643).

But thanks for taking the time to reply anyway :clap: