Navigation Disc Backup



I have a GM navigation DVD which I want to back up. The original is a DVD-R DL disk. I have a Pioneer DVR 109 with the lastest firmware V 1.58. It is supposed to be able to wriite to DVD-R DL disks but I cannot get this to work. I have copied the disk with DVD Decrypter onto a DVD+R DL disk but it doesn’t work in the car navigation player. When I use the DVD-R DL disks it goes through the whole process but at the end it doesn’t write to the disk. I am not sure wheher the Pioneer can really support the writing of DVD-R DL disks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


[B]The original cannot be a DVD-R DL disc![/B]


Are you saying that if I first copy the original to DVD+R DL, and then copy to a DVD-R DL, it wil work?


Original Cds or DVDs does come as pressed, not burned ones.

And DVD-R DL is a WORM media.


The original I got is what I believe to be a copy not the original. I think this as I bought it on eBay and the disc does not have a silk screened label but rather a sticker type label, also the case cover looks like it was copied. I have checked with DVD decrypter and the disk does not have any copyright protection. The fact I could copy onto DVD+R 2L also suggests it can be copied. The problem is this format won’t play in the in car unit, even though all the files are present. I don’t think the problem is the original but may be because the burner can’t write to DVD-R 2L. I tried to copy some files directly off of my hard drive to the DVD-R 2L but it didn’t copy correctly either.


Ask the seller for the original, you bought a copy, not an original.