nAVI anyone?



I was on IRC a little while ago and someone mentioned somthing about nAVI. Its a new compression codec for mvoives. Its got the same quaility of AVI and ASF but is a lot smaller. I downloaded a full length movie in about 278 megs (Deuce Bigalow is anybodys heard of it). The quaility if great and I can fit two movies on one CD! The people putting it out heven't introduced it to Microsoft becuase it is a Codec created primariliy for Pirating stuff... As soon As I get an FTP up I'll put up the movie and the codec. You have to have Windows Media Player (most people do) though.

Has anyone else heard about this? I was just wondering?


Got Somemore Info:


My FTP is up you need to download the SMRPatch and install it before you do anything. There is only one movie on there for now but I’ll get some more…
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