NaturalFlat or Dynaflat technology?

the same price 640€ whit taxes :

Samsung 1200NF 22" NaturalFlat technology

Samsung 1100DF 22" DynaFlat technology

only to play games, internet and DVD no to work…xD


If they’re same price, then go for Natural, it is usually more expensive…

According to Samsungs website Naturalflat is an Advanced panel design of inner curvature produces an optically perfect flat image from edge to edge.

Dynaflat is more in the likes of real (instead of optically perfect) flat.

In my experiences , most “flat” technogogies i saw , made the picture go “hollow”, like i was drawn inside the tube for some weird reason. This could be , because i’ve been watching to non-flat tubes for two decades.

Well I haven’t seen the NaturalFlat in person, but I’ve used countless DynaFlat’s at LAN cafe’s and they seem good. I remember when I bought my monitor, I considered those 2 too, and the NaturalFlat was like $50 more expensive back then(around a year ago), so I’m assuming it is better. I’m now using a ViewSonic PF75, and a P95f, and they’re both nice… might wanna consider these…