Native SATA optical drives...WHEN?

All SATA drives currently are using a PATA -> SATA bridge chip.

I want to know when Native SATA drives will arrive.


What do you mean by ‘bridge chip’? Do you mean a bridge-adapter like it was used with the 712SA: or do you simply mean a SATA chip on the PCB that translates the ATA interface of the chipset used into a SATA interface (AFAIK the 716SA has this solution. See: )?

I doubt we’ll se a SATA native ODD-Chipset from Sanyo, NEC or any other of the major manufacturers soon. The market ist still rather small and more importantly the notorious copatibility problems of some SATA controllers (no ODD (ATAPI) support) doesn’t help either. Compared to the 712SA the 716SA is probably as ‘native’ as you will get.

Anyway, what would be the advantage of a native solution? A part from cost savings i don’t think speed is an issue. Until recently all SATA HDs used bridge solutions, and they need waaaay more speed than an ODD.

I want native SATA II DVD burner for hot-plug capability.

How about a serial dvd burner in an external e-serial case? That’s probably
doable today.

A firewire would be the simpliest high performance portable solution.

as long as the chipset of burner is glueless to ata, there will be no chance getting native sata; i kind of like pata writers as i use sata ports for hdds so i don’t have to waste any sata ports to odd.

The big problem is that S-ATA cases cost more than 16x DVD burners.

i think the major advatage so sata drives will be when they come out with external sata connections for external drives. then you’ll have a big advantage over usb or firewire connections. i feel like this tech should be on its way up.