Native Linux Upgrade Tools

Hi all,

From a quick look around these forums it looks like people know how to
write Windows programs to flash Liteons. Any chance of getting a command
line version that works natively with Linux (similar to necflash )…

Is it just a bunch of certain ATAPI calls??


Would be nice. I wrote and complained to Liteon about lack of support for other platforms besides windows. The switch from DOS flashers to Windows flashers was driven by the demise of the floppy drive. Even though you could get a CD to elTorito boot a floppy image, it was no good to use for flashing that same drive. Now however there are a bunch of people who have figured out how to use CD to boot DOS into RAMDRIVE so you are not dependent on the media in the drive any longer. I sent Liteon the procedures on how to do this and hopefully they will bring out new DOS in RAM based flashers and get rid of these ridiculous Windows based flashers. Nothing like requiring a 9,000 lb OS just to flash some firmware. Completely eliminates all other OS’s. So any type of fully self-contained flasher is good by me - DOS, Linux, even Windows as long as the whole kitnkaboodle is loaded into RAM from bootable media and does not require a single thing from whatever is on the hard drive.

Also would be nice if some of the firmware chaps here could do a command line for Linux.(Pretty Please).
Liggy/Dee have one for Nec, and Pioneer has DVRFlash.

I got another Liteon cheap from SVP, but if I cant keep it up to date without having to unplug it and put it in a windows machine it’s not worth the hassle.

Once you guys got the basic flash procedure cracked, it can’t be that difficult to port? I might be tempted to throw a few donations your way :slight_smile:

Alternatively, I’ve got a fair bit of Linux development under my belt if you want assistance?
[Not low level stuff but I’m guessing its standard interface function calls?]


the problem is, that the official firmwares are scrambled. For unscrambled firmwares (like those that were retrieved from a working drive), there are plain DOS tools on



Thanks for the reply, the DOS tools require a reboot with a DOS floppy. They dont work for me under wine.
The FlashUtility almost works (it detects my NEC drive but not my LiteOn).
I would just much appreciate it if codeguys released a Linux CommandLine version of their tool.
Not too bothered about official firmwares :slight_smile: Never mind, I’ll probably be selling these drives on and going back to Nec/Pioneer when thier 20x comes out :slight_smile: