National Treasure, Two main movies?

In dvdshrink after a long analyze of the DVD (widescreen) it shows up with two main movies " 1 and 3 " both same length, same size … what is the reason for having two of the same, and which one should I rip/burn ?

Have you previewed each “main movie” within DVDShrink? FYI, I usually just pick the first one and I haven’t had any problems.

Usually with two movies one will be widescreen and one will be regular view. I view the 2 and see which one I want to keep.

i got the fullscreen version and it has 2 of the same movies on it as well, both are 4:3 and everthing else matched also, can’t figure out why there are 2 of the same thing? any help would be appreciated, thanks Coolwebman

2 movies could represent the wide/full screen version, or theatrical/extended release, or commentary on/off, or any other reason. Play both in shrink to see the differene. If you can’t tell, play the original DVD and most times it gives you an option to play either of the two, which will tell you the difference between the two. Since both are the same size, its probably not wide/full.

Know ones not full screen cause I previewed them both in Shrink, that and it’s the widescreen version (on the box) :D. Don’t think they’re different angles, cause i check in PowerDVD and doesn’t give the option to change views. Also no option to pick any different version just “Play movie”

I just ended up going with the first one, works fine…curiousity is all really.
Thx though

i use both. with clonedvd and anydvd, when i check 1 video stream it shows a certain amount of compression, when i check both video streams it doesn’t change compression 1 bit, nada, zero.