National Treasure has movie twice on dvd



anyone know why National Treasure has the movie on the dvd twice? it’s the same length and everything else looks the same also. i backed up both of them because i thought there was a reason why it was on there twice. any help would be appreciated, thank you Coolwebman


if you view the special features, at the end it displays letters that spells the word treasure, then it gives you a secret code key 3 9 7 then it unlocks more speacial features, then it gives you a master code 0421, then after you go thru all the special features it gives you the code 405 which allows you to unlock everything from the main screen the little log book in the upper right hand of the screen. the second movie has an option to play it with a special trivia track. after you unlock everything or use the above code you can watch this version.


see here also


thanks for the response, it was blowing my mind there for awhile.