National Treasure Backup

I am Trying to Copy National Treasure and i have tried all types of software, weather it’s DVDXCOPY, ANYDVD w/Clone DVD2/ DVD Shrinkor DVD Decryptor…its all the same, i copy the DVD fine, but i can not burn it…it fails everytime.

ANyone have any ideas?

I have tried all brands of petrol, Shell, Mobil, Exxon, its all the same, my car just won’t start.

A little more info Please…

Probably a bad souce disc. But as Ivan said post a CTCD log.

What it does, is it copies the image or temp DVD files fine, but after i am promted to put in my DVD-R i starts the burn process and almost immediatly stops with an error (Burn process unsuccessful). I am using BenQ DVD+R which i have used a hundred times and normally using DVD Shrink W/Any DVD running in the background.