Natasha Bedingfield MP3's

I heard one of her songs on TV but dont know what its called/titled, i only caught the end of it. I checked out cd usa since she performed there live tonight, but that didnt turn anything up…so where could i find some of her MP3’s or something online where i could check out her songs?

Various sites that offer legal downloads have a sample online that you could check out.
For legal purposes such sample may not be more than 30 seconds and other suggestions will violate our forum rules…

I dont want to get anyone in trouble, thankfully my sister picked up the CD yesterday so i dont have to go searching to see if its worth the buy or not :slight_smile:

Ok…i didnt want to make another thread, so i’ll ask my question here. I really like this show on DirectTV called CD USA. Now, i want to know if it would be legal to record some of the music performances to my computer or not. I mean, im paying for the service and im not sharing them with anyone, so is it legal?

Normally, that should be legal.
But I don’t know anything about the law in US.


I wouldn’t know for sure.
If you pay to view broadcasts, be it online or through tv, you should generally be allowed to save it (think of recording tv shows with your VCR). If you then only use it for personal use (not for playing in a different setting than the privacy of your home…etc.), I don’t see why it should not be allowed.

However, I’d suggest reading the terms and conditions of the service, they may have some restrictions imposed…

Well, since im not going to be selling the music video or anything i recorded it anyway. I like the live performances on cd usa so i figured i could have then for on the go (laptop).