Natalie Imbruglia wins CD protection race

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Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia is the first big name that released a copy protected CD. The CD is protected by Cactus Datashield that should prevent consumers from ripping and copying the…

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If this is so protected, then why do I have a copy of it I got off IRC weeks ago?

I bought this this CD and found I couldnt listen to it in the CD quality that I paid for on my PC. As Winamp wouldnt work, I used CDEX, a little freeware program, to listen to it at the quality I paid for. Apparently, Goldwave may be even more useful… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m given to understand that the CD is 52:38 long, rather than the 54:10.214 the TOC would like you to believe :d If this is true, then it may be possible to reconstruct a Red-Book compliant CD and normality could resume.

is this about CDS 100 / 200 / 300?

mp3Delivery is great for this

no probs on my pc with winamp & media player,also copies fine

She may be hot, but that is not excuse for copy protected cds!

“She may be hot, but that is not excuse for copy protected cds!” Oh yeah… GOOD argument! :d

Extracted fine with Soundforge 5.0 and came to 51:41. So if copy protection was there i missed it.

The copy protectedtion method they used is crap, the CD refuses to play properly in both my HiFi CD players, and the only way I can listen to it is to rip CD and play it from the PC.

Hmmm. Just fired up the CD I bought today. Plays on my Normal CD player fine. Winamp wont play it. Neither will Media-Player. Tried to Rip in EAC. Shows up 13 tracks. 1-7 are fine and able to rip. 8-13 all have odd file sizes and would not go. When I tried to RIP 8 is crashed EAC and caused my damn CD to stop responding (could’nt eject). Well… This sucks. What about the modified CDFS.DLL thing? Anyone tried with that yet? And is there one of those for WinXP yet?? Also, I assume the MP3’s are contained in that large .CD file. How do u break that open? Is it a know archive format??

update to my last post: The previous rip attemp was in my Pioneer 303scsi DVD-Rom. Gave it another shot in my Plextor R412c burner. This was able to get 1-9 in EAC. 10 had a huge file size and 11-13 where just screwed. This shows that different drive will give different results. Have to try some more @ work tommorow. :slight_smile: Also. Played in my Pioneer525 DVD player no problems.

It was not the first big name. “South” by Heather Nova earlier this year had “Key2Audio” thanks to Zomba Records. (I brought it back to the store, it did not play on my Pioneer DV-535 DVD-Player). On the Imbruglia-CD is the little copyright-mark from Midbar on the backside. It says “Cactus Data Shield 200”. Somebody should sue also this company for not making it plain visible that the CD has protection on it.

Just tried this on another three drives at work (2 readers & a HP burner). The HP could’nt even see the thing. Other two where worse in EAC that my drives @ home. Do we know if CloneCD will copy these protected CD’s ? And also, is there a web-resource site yet about the issues/measures regarding protected CDs ? Another thing. Software like EAC etc … it’nt is reasonable to assume that once the software developers know exacty the tactics these protections employ they should be able to modify the ripper-soft to beat it ??

Somewhere I read that you have to make sure that Windows don’t get to scan the new disc inserted. You have to start the copy/ripper program first and then insert the CD. If available you must turn on any “locking” function in the program (“lock disc” or similar). This works for CloneCD and I think for EAC also.

Some drives can read and rip it, some can’t! I managed it using an LG CD-RW drive, which reads the track lengths ok, but my creative drive, and plextor writer find a load of tracks of 4sec length. Now ripped fine using my friends’ LG! No odd DLLs, etc… David :8

I think that it’s REALLY important that we all try our damnest to bust these CDA copy protections and share the information. Because these CDs are surely a trial for the whole industry, and if they see that its working soon we will see ALL audio CDs with this crap. If it’s busted, then they should write it off as not worth the cost. Kill the protections!

Me again. Hahaha! Copy protection … Shite :slight_smile: Was able to copy with CloneCD. Extracted on my Plextor 412c as an image (Took 1h 30min though). Wrote to CDR. Copied fine. And the best bit. EAC then has no problem at all with the copy. Rips as normal. Plays in winamp etc. Cactus data shite. :slight_smile:

mmm… it work well on my toshiba dvd-rom, it open this ugly player and all. and i was able to rip the cd into wav with soundforge 5 like there is no protection