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Would Like To Turn Off NAT. Need Help Setting Up Static Routing. Basicly I Need To Know Where/How To Get My Subnet IP.

Thanks In Advance!

what is implementing the NAT now?

This is a feature in most routers, what do you have. Is this a router you are talking about, or a PC serving as a router?

I Have An ActionTec GT701-WG Router

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You can simply type in ipconfig /all at a command prompt to view all your network information.
Turning off NAT would basically entail disabling the firewall on the router.
To set up a static IP would also mean disabling the DHCP server on the router.
I’m not sure why you want to do this, maybe it’s a port forwarding issue. The proper configuration can probably solve your problems.

Setting up a Static IP Address with the Actiontec GT701-WG

This will only give his WAN IP, it will not show his Router assigned DHCP IP, which will be needed to open or forward ports, and is what he asked for.

Static DHCP is not necessary, only DHCP itself, however dhcp would be preferred if the router supports it.

You need to access the Router configuration setup page. This is usually 192.168.x.x where x can be of combination’s 0 or 1. This should be in the manual. Password/Login field is usually admin for one or the other or both, or the word password itself. You need to find an area wher eyou can forward ports, or even better, where to open ports. Always try to open a port befofre forwarding, forwarding can be messy unless you really understand the concept behind it. Next, as nemesys pointed out look for static dhcp, this would make things so much easier. And yes, from comman dprompt type ipconfig an dit will show your local Router dhcp assigned IP. If you know what app you are trying to open, or route, then use the dhcp assigned address, and enter ti into any field where it is needed.

Why exactly are you looking for you dhcp assigned IP, what exactly is it you are trying to do?

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Actually it wasn’t obvious so I presumed that he/she/it ment external IP since it’s tricker to figure out, oh well… Why would DHCP be perferable over a simple static IP? Disabling DHCP is more reliable although it requires manual configuration of Gateway, DNS and IP address. Open a port wont do any good since the router wont know where to send the incomming packet. I’d guess that he wants to forward a port / port range for some reason (Game, IM, P2P etc).

Where/How To Get My Subnet IP.

DHCP is just an assigned IP address (acts like a server), whats it got to do whether the IP is static or not. Neither can be said to be more reliable than another, you can override in Windows by setting it manually as well, I have noticed that static DHCP has more advantages personally by far (ie: reliablity, control, easier to map internal network drives without ever changing, port fwd ranges never lost when router does monthly resets and re-assigns random IP’s based on which PC is turned on first… etc…

What do you base the conclusion on that disabling dhcp is less reliable, I never heard of such, everything taught in CISCO and NET+ concludes just the opposite… :confused:

Yes, it would help if we knew what the goal was, thats why I asked :wink:

Yes, please let us know what you are trying to accomplish here, it would really help.

For some reason Bittorrent doesnt work anymore for me. It did before my friend tried to port forward. I watched him do it and we changed ALL the settings back to what they were when it worked but no go. Now I always get connection timed out and its not because the trackers busy or whatever.

You can check what ports need to be opened, no fwd necessary, based on my router config here:

"6881 in the first box and 6999 " = are the port range it uses

just look for s imilar screen or area to input those ranges. You can make sure its the router by also temp setting yourself to smz host, just remember to undo that one… :wink:

im set to dmz host on my router. i’ve had no troubles with incoming/outgoing connections since. if you arent afraid of the security risks (and it sounds like you arent, if you want to disable NAT), go nuts :smiley:

I Have DMZ Hosting On, Ive Opened All Ports 6881-6889 Through My Windows Firewall, but on my router config page thing I Cant Open Ports so if there is a firewall through my router I dunno how to open ports for it

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Actually it’s pretty much common sense, a plain static ip relies on nothing while an IP address binded to a MAC address relies on a DHCP Server. It’s just an obsticle since it may go boo boo.

Actually I believe with the Actiontec 701 you have to setup a static IP address for your computer
I’m not sure which bit torrent client you are using but you simply need to select a port to use within you client configuration then enter your router’s configuration menu and forward that chosen port number to the IP address you assigned your computer.

Here is how it’s done…

Port Forwarding for the Actiontec GT701-WG.

I’ve Already Done That. I Think Maybe Its Just My Cumputer Cause Its All Srewed Up.

if you are set to be DMZ, you dont need to open ports on your router. windows firewall may be the issue, as i cannot see any other from what you have posted.

Disable the firewall as no connection/communication is allowed if it is enabled.