Nashua Dvd-r , Dvd+r ?!?!?

Can someone post some results of this media. I want to buy some but can’t find any reviews about them. Thanx. Official web :

I’m not familiar with this brand. I guess it’s just a selling brand (just like Imation) rather than a developer. I’ve found test results of Nashua’s DVD-R in the OptoDisc thread here, but I’ve not seen in details. You may take a look in that thread.

thx tamchicken, but those results are very old, for 2x NASHUA DVD, I’m looking for results for new 4x and 8x medias

I have some Nashua 4x DVD+R discs here and I was not impressed by them. They’re manufactured by AML I believe, you might want to search on that for some more info. Edit, here you go:


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Well they can be made by anyboddy. However the only thing about them is that the quality is never really good. In the worst case scenario you can even get media with princo/longten mid.
If your lucky you get CMC or optodisc. Which is the best stuff NASHUA sells.
So better spend some more money on better media.