Nashua DVD media, Made in EU



I saw Nashua brand DVD media, Made in EU, in a shop. The cakebox had a special form because the base was transparent yet frosted, and the base had four noses for closing.
I believe the media is Made in France because I’ve seen imation Made in France 4x DVD+R in a similar cakebox a few months ago. Does anybody know whether they’re MAM-E or MPO? And do they burn well?


No idea (yet). Maybe [B]Dakhaas [/B]will enlighten us.
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
MAM-E or MPO, :doh: I’m very suspicious with both companies’s production anyway. :bigsmile:


They should be MPO.
Have a look at here
I like that medialist at videohelp, something like that wouldn’t be bad here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… MPO. What do they burn like?


In my experience, :Z - but this was more than a year ago and in a Pioneer 109 (which is a pretty picky drive - not the most compatible! :bigsmile: ) so this is not really relevant… haven’t tried again since.

There are lots of MPO DVDRs in supermarkets here (under the HighSpace brand) but I don’t think I’ll spend money on these discs to try them out. Or will I? Mmmmh…


I’m terrible for buying things to see how they burn…if they were an acceptable price, I’d take up the challenge out of sheer curiosity. Then burn them for other folks if they weren’t that great :bigsmile:

You can always find a use for sub-par discs :wink:

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Love the new avatar, Franck :bigsmile:


Yeah, but I already have so many of them lying around here (maybe about 150), Ridisc, Datasafe, unbranded CMC, unbranded G05, and leftovers from many SVP tryout packs… LOL - that’s enough for now I guess. :doh:


Giving to some of the worst “friends” (or foes?) when they’re getting a new burner.
Selling them on a flea market. (Although you will get little money for those, it’s better than nothing.)
Or just try to sell stuff to little kids :wink: no, just kidding.

I’m happy that I only have 15 G05s left for testing stuff, two R03s and about ten CMC E01 8x +Rs, which I use for South Park episodes.
The rest of my R media is Verbatim, TY, TDK and Sony.


He can sell them as frisbees, not dvds.