Nashua 48x : Made by Mitsui Toatsu?



At a local Staples store they have Nashua 48x CD-Rs.

According to
they are made by Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals.

On the package is a “Made in Hongkong”.
Does Mitsui produce CD-Rs in Hongkong :confused:

What’s about the quality of these discs?

Andy :smiley:


I can’t find any direct connection with Hongkong and Mitsui.
This could mean 2 things.

A manufacturer in Hongkong just uses this atip because the strategy fits the dye better / people think the quality is better.
B Mitsui/CSI have licensced somethng there or they made a deal for some production at another factory.(Just like in the old days when prodisc made disc’s in Taiwan for Mitsui)