Nascar 2003

Im trying to make a working backup of my nascar 2003 season game. I read and tried all these post the more i read the more confussed i get. I just bought a sony bru720a burner and havnt had any luck. can anyone help me. Tks Cahill

I’ll help you out on this one. Lets find what protection it uses. go to and download the scanner. Now scan your disc and post back what protection it uses.

Try Using the Offline help link on my signature. that has about everything in it.

it uses SecuROM tks ill have more time tonight

Try these links for Securom copying:

    This one will allow you to make a working copy using a “twin Peak” method, which basically doubles some of the information written on the disc, making it take longer to access (and passing the security checks)

    This one pretty much does the same thing, but with more software. Now, I own the Plextor premium discussed here, which does a Excellent job with Securom

    This one uses “emulation” and you can create a virtural disc that you can put on your computer and mount when you want to play… It really does this by recording how long it takes to access the disc all the way through, and records it to a second file. When you create the disc it copyies that file to the disc. The downside, you need some software that adds that sits between the disc and the computer and adds that little files information to the data stream. Alcohol-soft does it and so does daemon-tools ( daemon is free, alcohol itsn’t

As far as my recommendation. try #1 first, and then #3, if you want a disc that doesn’t need emulation - #3, try #2, but it’s results are closer to #1. Hope that helps. Post back with any questions you may have.

Tks chiefnuts for ur help but Im still trying to backup my copys of nascar 2003 season. i had a sony dvdrw. I now have a liteon dvdrw sohw-1693s.
i done a 3 sheep test and passed. im useing achol. 120 1.9.5 tril ver. iv used Securom *New (4.x/5.x). but at about 94 % i get a disc read error. i follower all post i could find. I have a old disc and a new one that i bought for 2x the cost of the old one. any ideals anyone.

Ok, try if it’s securom, the sheep test doesn’t matter, but that’s okay for the safedisc protection. If you just want a copy, and don’t care if you need emulation, just go ahead and use alcohol’s securom NEW 4.x/5.x and copy it to your computer, when you burn it back to the CD, make sure you check “Burm RMPS to Media” the RMPS is a file that records how long it takes to access files on the cd, a Very important feature of Securom. You’ll always have to use alcohol with the RMPS feature Under Emulation to play that copy, but it should work.

If you are using the Trial, go to

and download the Newest trial (newer always better.)

Try that and see if it works for you.

i just tried to copy to comp with achol 120 lates tril but i still get disc read error at 94% iv tried 3 dif. drives. i also get read error with my new nascar simracing right at the start i know it uses safe disc 4.0