Nasal Spray Arouses Women's Desire To Have Sex In Minutes


A new nasal spray aphrodisiac for women that works in minutes may soon hit the market, according to a Local 6 News report.

Doctors said women who used the drug PT-141 in test studies felt a tingling or throbbing followed by a strong desire to have sex immediately after spraying their noses.

PT-141 is a synthetic version of a sex hormone that works on both men and women, according to a report.

“In the case of women, what we’re really doing is sensitizing the vaginal tissue so when they get touched or stimulated, they would feel it a little bit more,” Dr. Carl Spana said.

The spray allows the sex drug to work faster.

“It’s a very simple product to use,” Dr. Spana said. "Essentially, you take off the protective cap and place it at the base of your nostril and then they would just activate the device while breathing normally.

“It’s a very simple product to use,” Spana said. "Essentially, you take off the protective cap and place it at the base of your nostril and then they would just activate the device while breathing normally.

“We know that some women need something – a pill, a nasal spray – to get them going,” Melinda Gallagher said in the report. “We’re all for that. But one caveat that we have about that is they should probably look around themselves before they start taking a pill.”

The sex drug is made New Jersey-based Palatin Technologies Inc.

Shares of the biotech company jumped 20 percent earlier this week after word got out about the new sex drug for women.

I wonder if this comes in bulk … …

/me envisions a day when there is a court case suing someone for injecting this stuff, in bulk, into a buildings air-conditioning :iagree:


Rohypenol eat your heart out!

No longer will young men with social issues be forced to copulate with unresponsive women!
Now they can be paired with female sexual dynamos that leave rohypenol women for dead!

90% of date-raped women state that PT-141 is the preferred date-rape drug!


I see and new niche for Crop Dusters here… :wink:

It should be required for all married woman to take!!! :bigsmile:

i’m sure with that kind of thinking …all those men not willing to satisify a woman shall be open for public humiliation…or castration :clap:

I’d expect, if married men paid enough attention to detail … their wives would be begging for it, and the nasal spray would have nil effect anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess this eliminates the need for pick up lines … ie. just shove some nasal spray up their noses … and wait a few minutes. Voila: Beer-goggles for women. :eek: :bigsmile:

Bah! Infinately worse …
With beer goggles, they don’t know what they are doing … with PT-141, they know what they are doing, they just can’t help themselves!

But don’t think the guys are out of the woods yet … It works the other way too!

You could have a crafty gorgeous girl, hanging out with fugly friends. sprays a quick whiff around and clears out & watches the flubber fly…

Or much worse … that quaint little 60yr old lady down the street, whose lawn gets mowed by your 16yr old son … turns out her engine is still running too. She wouldn’t usually get your kids engine cranking over, even if she force fed him viagra … but add a little PT-161 into the mix & it’s “just our little secret” time.

Or, the young girl down the road which rocks into a place to babysit some kids … turns out the greasy old geezer has put some PT-141 in his plug in air-freshener.

The potential for mischief with PT-161 is absolutely phenomenal.

Hmmmm, sounds like they are bottling good old fashioned foreplay :iagree:

i’ll just need to find a female with a stuffed up nose now…!!

shouldn’t be that hard, most of them have their heads in the clouds anyway :bigsmile:

Hi! There are many female escorts who don’t need that spray, waiting for you.