Nasa unveils Hubble's successor

The US space agency Nasa has unveiled a model of a space telescope that scientists say will be able to see to the farthest reaches of the Universe. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is intended to replace the ageing Hubble telescope.

It will be larger than its predecessor, sit farther from Earth and have a giant mirror to enable it to see more.

Officials said the JWST - named after a former Nasa administrator - was on course for launch in June 2013.

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I hope they test the optics first this time!

I cant say JWST. What a crappy name. Lets name it Bubble.
Next project should be building one of these

Also I hope they check the software better, do not want another case of one person doing software in inches and feet while another is using metrics

How do they now where the ends of the universe are? I was of the understanding that the universe was:
a) Expanding
b) Limitless.

Unless they’ve gone all funky with the space/time continuum, I believe that their giant magnifying glass will reach it’s limits pretty quickly, and it’ll have a successor in another 15years .

It’s not really a telescope at all - that’s just a cover story.

It’s really a giant magnifying glass for focusing light from the Sun and burn those damn giant alien insects when they invade us in their spaceships.

Remember to put on your tin-foil hats shiny side up to protect yourself from stray rays when this happens. :iagree:

Yet better,use this!

Gah double. Anyway the pic works here.

Sensible advice :iagree:
I can see you’ve been taking “emergency preparedness” seriously. Well done :iagree:

I think we should all start eating lead, or at least some sort of metal! Maybe keep the lead for the geeks among us :stuck_out_tongue: Their stomachs are probably used to weird & possibly toxic … err … things.

Everyone knows that massive doses of sunlight doesn’t affect metals, rather than making them a tad warmer … and you are what you eat!

Lets pick a fight with Iran … and we can say we just want their oil, when in fact, what we really want, is all their metal bullets & missiles … any heavy metals like uranium would also be good for us … the more the merrier :wink:
Die Iran! Bwuhahhahahaa!

They throw a torch into space and wait till it isn’t visible anymore or knocks them in the back of their heads :slight_smile:

Wow, I can’t believe that site is real. :lol: