Nasa moving earth out of orbit closed



I just posted the article Nasa moving earth out of orbit closed.

Me, Zyron has closed the article about “Nasa moving earth out of orbit”.

It’s generating to much hate and CDFreaks is all about keeping together in a community, not breaking apart.

So shake…

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Wahey!! :slight_smile: lol What a diplomat! You should run for president. With diplomatic skill like that your sure to win :slight_smile:


I know, i think i’ll be United States of Europe’s President :slight_smile: Just kidding. I wouldn’t want to be President, too much pressure on my shoulders. A man has to know his limits you know :slight_smile: Best Regards to you all


Zoals rodney king zei : Why dont we al can get along? :4


I already posted that article, mentioning no names to 5 national papers in the UK early this morning, I await their response.


Yes, we remember the good times when George bush jr. wasn’t president… just kidding! :8