NASA garbage can-sized lens Birns and Sawyer 1,000mm f/4.5; now it can be yours

NASA used this garbage can-sized lens for shooting rockets; now it can be yours :smiley:

Since I stumbled upon the story:

Despite what some people say, when it comes to photography, size matters. That’s especially true if you’re NASA. If you need proof, look no further than this monstrous Birns and Sawyer 1,000mm f/4.5 lens that will go up for auction later this year.

Created by Astra in Germany back in 1964, this incredibly rare lens was designed to capture the launch of rockets and other space-bound machinery without the need to be right underneath the fiery rockets.

It measures in at roughly 10 inches in diameter, is 4.5 feet long, and weighs around 72 pounds. The lens hood alone is the size of a small garbage can.

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