NASA Expected to Announce Signs of Life on Mars

O RLY?!?!

Although NASA is without a leader and will likely have to announce layoffs in the immediate future, the U.S. space agency may be ready to announce alien microbes living below the Martian soil are the cause of a methane haze surrounding the Red Planet of Mars.

NASA is expected to have a press conference at its Washington D.C. office to confirm the findings. News of the scheduled press conference was first posted in The Sun, with NASA and European scientists excited about the possible findings from such a monumental announcement.

Another British newspaper, Telegraph, quotes the upcoming release to claim: “Living systems produce more than 90 per cent of Earth’s atmospheric methane; the balance is of geochemical origin. On Mars, methane could be a signature of either.”

The rest of the article is available here.

Martians, we come in peace!

This is great. I love this kind of news. Someone told me once that if life were found anywhere else but on Earth it would prove the Bible wrong. I asked them where it said life only started on Earth?. I think the Universe if filled with life.
It changes future exploration though. Anyone going there would have to be so careful not to bring something back and what if you got an infection of Mars. I doubt a penicillin shot would work but maybe it would. Imagine if it far more similar than dissimilar, that would truly be incredible.

Also, don’t put it past NASA to throw this out to generate funding for more exploration projects. This might be the next “global warming” type of scam. Methane is found in a lot of places and I don’t think it means much finding it on Mars. We just don’t know enough about Mars yet to make such wild claims, IMO. Remember the space rock that came from Mars and NASA said it supposedly had signs of ancient bacterial life in it? That turned out to be a gross overstatement and likely not true. Their track record leads one to be suspicious of their claims. I need them to show me a video of the little suckers scurrying around to believe them 100%.

I dated a girl with really bad allergies, she created a lot of methane, so maybe Mars is populated with people with really bad dust allergies and light sensitivity so they don’t come out and generate methane.

I could have told them there was life on mars that is where I am from