Nas feat. Braveheartz_'Oochie Wally(remix)'....where?

I’ve been looking for the version of this song that you see on tv (with Nas doing the first verse)

Until now I’ve found two versions on Win_MX

  1. a 3:58 version with only the braveheartz on it (track 7 of the QB’s Finest album I believe)

  2. a 4:40 or so DJ CLUE ‘enchanted’ version (on his mixtape Hev. E Components)

the last one is the correct one, only with that very annoying Clue hollering in the background…

does anybody know where I can find a good quality rip of this (video) version?



try @Arbitron on Mirc Channel #divx_t3_spr

try an undernet server in Paris

Not sure but goto my site in my sig, then goto the remix room

Go to and download the Morpheus program, you will find it in no time using this!!!