NAS Enclsoure

Anyone got a recommendation for a good NAS enclosure? I got about 12 hard drives laying around I can use so I would prefer just the case. Thanks for any help.

I’d suggest a Linux PC.

Most (affordable) NAS devices (suited for home use) can only do 1 harddrive. According to a recent test by C’t magazine (a very well respected Dutch/German computer magazine) most current devices have issues. Their tip is to build your own system. I don’t know if you’d be wanting that (and, of course, be able to do so)…?

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to spend about $100 or so. I don’t need anything fancy. I don’t care if it is a FAT partition or can’t do FTP. I have two PCs, a laptop and a desktop. Keeping the files updated on both is a major pain. If I could have one place where I can keep them and have access to them from both, it would be nice. I certainly could do a Linux box, but it is more of a time issue than money or ability.

I see. I have some good new though: you can set up a Linux fileserver within an hour. Just download a distribution that offers built-in fileserver functionality (this means that it comes with Samba). Install, configure and you’re ready to go. Of course, if you want some complex configuration, this will cost a lot of time. If you just want a share that’s accessable from systems in your network, this should be doable within the hour. Let me know if you’re interested.

If you’re more into a solution based on some standalone NAS device, I can extract some data from the C’T article. Again, let me know if you’re interested.

I ended up just getting a case. Seemed like the right thing for me. Thanks for the interest.