Napster's usage getting lower once again

I just posted the article Napster’s usage getting lower once again.

As Webwereld reports, Napster’s usage keeps on lowering. I wrote about this some time ago and it seems like I have to write this again. Why? Because since the last trial in court Napster’s usage…

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It’s obvious why. Napster is fucking annoying. The prats who use it always cut you off half way through a download. Plus - there are a lot more alternatives now that are not being monitored by law agencies. Napster was the only one so everyone used it, now there are like 10 so they’ll have only 1/10th as many users.

I’ll bet that napster will be broke when they are done being “illigal”. mark my words… no-one will pay for MP3’s…

as long as it works i’m using it

yep me too