Hi people, I tried to log onto napster today only to find out that I can’t conect anymore. They list some song that I downloaded and copyright stuff and then stops the logging process. I unistalled napster an set up a new account but had the same results. I guess they tracking my IP. Anyone else have this problem. Are there any fixes for this ?


I don’t use napster anymore, I use winMX ! ( not to confuse with cuteMX )
try it, it’s much better than napster !


Or guntella, Kazoo (was a review of this program on the CD Freaks mainpage last week)

There are many alternatives to Napster


I know there are alternatives, I just wanted to know if others were banned as well. Talked to all my local friends and they havn’t had any problems with connecting to napster.


i use winmx too :slight_smile:

a lot better than napster, more people on it too


Try the tools on this site. It makes the ban nothing more than an inconvenience.


I think Da_Taxman meant KaZaA! That is a really nice tool when you want to search for everything Audio, Video, Pics.
Kinda like Scour Exchange was. Speaking of Scour they are supposed to bringing that back out!

Have’nt tried WinMX but will be a soon as I post this.

Napster was good in the beginning but sux now because of this lawsuit. I will continue to use the tools that are not so upfront and in the mainstream! Don’t forget to search your news groups!


Buck Wilde


Thanks chann, the de-ban reg file did the trick. It seems they didn’t like the Roy Orbison tunes I downloded. A lot of other useres were hit with the sam ban because of these files. Anyway this experience let me try some of the other peer to peer sharing progies out there. Winmx seems to work pretty well. Thanks for all the advice and help.