can someone tell what version of real player lets u convert napster files to mp3 please

You can try this one:

Please note that if you have trouble playing, converting, purchasing or registering Microsoft’s Wma DRM-protected audio files, please download and install the latest version 5.10 (after the 14th of March) of Virtuosa from

This version allows you to play, burn and use the protected content as per the DRM rules that have been programmed in by the site where you downloaded them from. However, this version does not allow conversion of Wma DRM protected files, in order to comply with our agreements.

As far as I know, RealPlayer doesn’t support converting protected DRM WMA’s.

I think you’re correct. I know somebody was able to do it with WMP 9 but I’m not sure how long ago that was. I’m sure it’s probably patched by now.

You’re gonna have to use tunebite if it is.