Napster WMA Quality

Can anyone tell me the exact WMA Encode used by Napster currently and the specifications as well, what I mean is Bit Rate, Channels, Hz’s, CBR? or VBR I am trying to encode at the highest quality from Protected WMA to WMA and would like some input on the best WMA Encodes.

WMA Lossless

And I would also like to know why one would believe WMA to be better then MP3 if such idea exists.


This might help somewhat:

As for WMA vs. MP3, WMA is better at bitrates lower than 128K. At 128K or above, MP3 is better. This is just a general assessment, as there are too many variables to give an asbolute or definitive answer. See:

And lossless will always be better than anything, so if you want the absolute best sound, go for that.