Napster will costs $US 5

I just posted the article Napster will costs $US 5.

In an interview in the german magazine ‘Stern’, Konrad Hilbers (Napster Boss) announces Napster will costs $5 US dollar a month. He says Napster can’t be free because artists need a compensation…

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Why bye a cookie, when you can get it free from other Jars…?:frowning:

Stupid! Nobody who knows what is going on will pay $5 for Napster. Like Jimhop says you can get it for free elsewhere. I also doubt they will have “every” song available because I’m sure some labels wont go for it.

hehe, its plain stupid:D get those files elsewhere then:) u don’t know for what u’re paying in the first place…and if its legal, it can’t be much:)

Where will the customers come from? Anyone who appreciates digital music is already using Winmx,Kazaa etc.The user experience will be more restrictive than the free sites yet it will cost more!! This is doomed to failure.:4

I’m willing to pay IF: Every song is on there The quality is at least 160k/sec pref. higher. All songs are complete I legally own the songs (I paid) There is no limit

It will most likely be “Wanna Be a Rock Star” bands offering the music for download. No major record label is going to go for this.

Who is going to make the Mp3’s? What codec are they going to use ie: Lame; Fraun…? What bit rate are they going to use? Will they be Stereo or Joint Stereo? Will they incorporate some crazy protection within the Mp3 file that prevents me from uploading it into my Rio player?

Everyone will pay their $5US ( which is probably $150CAN :wink: ) to check it out for one month. It will look like Napster is heading back to its formal glory, but after that first month, people will realize this is one phoenix that will NOT be rising from its ashes. Millions are sharing their music out there for free - why pay five bucks for restrictions?

These people don’t understand the world. People will go for the NEW stuff and of course the FREE stuff. Napster…may you R.I.P :c

Must also provide ISO’s :4 and then I will pay $5 hell I’ll throw in $2 more dollars.

i’m just wondering… is napster/recording companies going to encode the files themselves? and then let us download? or is it going to be just like before, where we swap files that might be crap. if it’s the latter, where its still the same as before, then it isn’t worth 5 bucks. if the record labels themselves will be encoding these files at high quality, then maybe it will be worth it. but then that wouldn’t be a file swapping service anymore. more like ftp.

Well, all those smart people out there know that the the death of Napster did not signal the end of mass MP3 trading on the net :wink: Of course there are lots of supid people it seems, and even a few articles in computer magazines have suggested that the death of Napster has stopped people from trading MP3s. However a lot of (stupid?) people will pay the $5. Of course there are many alternatives to Napster, but simply because Napster is so well known, people will be prepared for it. Smart people will wait to see how good the new Napster service is before parting with their money. Maybe the guys at Napster could actually add some decent features to it. While Naspter was of course a great source for MP3s it lacked a lot of funtionality, in particular no automatic resume support :r