Napster virus destroys hard drive

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DanDaMan1487 used our newssubmit to tell us:

About 500 songs circulating Napster are infected with the virus “MusicPanel.” If you have a song that is infected with the virus, on the 4th of…

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HAHA. MP3’s containing viruses that will destroy you hd, haha. Where do they get this. You can’t be infected with a virus by opening mp3’s. It needs an exe or bat file to do something. I’m wondering who started this hoax. :slight_smile:

or VBS… Non-executables (binair) such as jpg/gif can’t contain any virii

Sounds klikle the Russia is trying to mess up our 4th of July. Maybe there pissed becuase there are so broke. :slight_smile:

Hey, listen. Their economical situation is getting better ever since the Boris Yeltsin shithead is not president, and their computer technology might be better than USA’s. They are going to release a new type of CPU in 2002 that works at 20Ghz and costs a fraction of the amount that intel’s 2-4Ghz will cost in 2002. Just like the American government with the secret technology like the Echelon, area 51, etc, the Russians have their shit too…

This virus is a hoax. The backup to this can be found here:

Sorry the URL isn’t posting… lets try this again:

Okay… the link obviously won’t post… Just go to and do a search for the Napster Virus. There’s the proof.

You have NO idea how many inexperienced people think that this CAN happen. I mean, just think about all those emails floating around warning you for the GOOD TIMES virus. Marketing is everything! :wink:

Then… sorry about the misunderstanding, guys.

I bet the 500 or so infected files,floating about on Napster-Are all by Metallicak. Metallicak are probably the turd burglers that spread this rumour. Well fuck me-But I would rather be infected with a virus than listen to anything by METTALLICAK.

Actually noobs,an MP3 file CAN contain a virus,ive seen cases where hackers send out an email where they say to pay them money or theyll release a phone cpnversation about you cheating or something of that sort,and they say your sure u wont believe them,so they include an MP3 file for u to listen to So you download the file,to see what they recorded of you on the phone,open it…and BAM your infected Anything is possible,although this story,as described in the article,is a fake virus lol